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Metallic Stearates

 Metallic Stearates are excellent lubricants with metals. At Arti Chemical, our in -house manufacturing experts leverage on their expertise to manufacture and supply different metallic stearates in powder form. Choose Arti Chemical’s Metallic Stearates. Choose complete peace of mind.

Grade Product Name Appearance Moisture (Max.) Suggested Applications
ARTI - 5002 Calcium Stearate White FinePowder 0.5% Excellent Internal & External Lubricant with good gelation properties. Also used in Food Industry.
ARTI - 5007 Zinc Stearate White FinePowder 0.5% Mould releasing agent & Lubricant in rubber and plastic industries. Used in cosmetics too. It gives clarity and weather resistance.
ARTI - 5005 Barium Stearate White FinePowder 0.5% Lubricants for rubbers and plastics. It helps against deterioration caused by light and heat.
ARTI - 5004 Magnesium Stearate White FinePowder 0.5% Used as lubricant in tableting and pharmaceuticals.
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